Abstract Submission

Call for abstracts for fNIRS2018

Abstract submission for talk and poster presentations is now closed, submission acceptances will be sent out the first week of August.
Download and disseminate the abstract call.

Prepare your abstract using the fNIRS2018 Abstract Template.

We welcome submissions that present research on any topic in the field of functional near-infrared spectroscopy (fNIRS). For further information about previous meetings and the society please visit http://www.sfnirs.org.

Authors are requested to choose one of the following topic areas for their abstracts:
・Hardware development
・Data analysis & algorithms
・Neonatal, pediatric application and developmental neuroscience
・Cognitive and social neuroscience
(including language and hyperscanning)
・Clinical applications related to the adult brain
・Computational neuroscience and neuroscience application
(including machine learning, neural network, brain computer interface,   neurofeedback, neuromarketing)
・Global fNIRS
・Other topics
(including “origin of the signals” special session.

For  more information, to see the list of invited speakers and to submit an abstract please visit http://www.fnirs2018.org.

Abstracts must follow the template that is available online at fnirs2018.org and the whole submission, i.e., the main text as well as any figures, tables and references, should fit on one A4 page. Submissions can only be uploaded in PDF format.

On behalf of the program committee,

Gentaro Taga and Turgut Durduran